Jack Unruh

7/31/1935 - 5/16/2016

A native of Pretty Prairie, Kansas and a son of an Air Force pilot, Jack Unruh lived in a variety of places while growing up. Jack was like all kids…. He drew….He just never stopped. When he was little, he made picture stories about the war lying in front of the radio, drawing what he heard. After graduating from Washington University in St Louis, he settled and began his illustration career in Dallas, Texas, where his one of a kind drawing style emerged.

With his unabashed love of drawing, Jack was quick to say that his passion for image making ran parallel to his love of the outdoors, and of course, fly fishing and bird hunting. It takes only a few moments of wandering through his portfolio to notice the affection he had for drawing nature and its inhabitants.

Through his easy laugh, Jack would say, "Drawing is a magic wand!" He made enchanting, spellbound images for over 50 years.

The results were published in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly, Time, Sports Illustrated, Readers Digest, New York Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Afield, Field and Stream, GQ, Road and Track and Texas Monthly.

Annual Reports included Borg Warner, MCI, Transamerica, Halliburton, Brinker International, Herman Miller, Sony, Hartford Financial Services, United Technologies, Entergy and Readers Digest.

IBM, Citicorp, Exxon/Mobil, Budweiser, American Airlines, Champion Paper, Interstate Batteries, Remington Firearms, Leatherman Tools, Avia, Georgia Pacific, The Bronx Zoo, Sage Rods, Kendall Jackson, Pac Bell were among Unruh's many advertising assignments.

Unruh appeared in Communication Arts Illustration Annual since its inception and was in numerous shows of American Illustration, Graphis, AIGA and Print. Graphis featured an article, "Jack Unruh, Quick on the Draw." in the 2002 Sept/Oct issue 341.

Unruh is listed in the New York Society of Illustrators' Hall of Fame, a hallowed fraternity of master pictorial storytellers with such legendaries as Norman Rockwell, Al Hirshfeld, Dean Cornwell, Maxfield Parrish, Al Parker, N.C. Wyeth and Robert Weaver.

If you missed the Jack Unruh Retrospective on June 26, 2016 you can watch it on YouTube.

Gold and Silver Medals - New York Society of Illustrators
1969 Art Director of the Year - Dallas Art Directors Club
1977 Golden Egg Award - Dallas Society of Visual Communications
1988 Distinguished Alumni Award - Washington University
1998 Hamilton King Award - New York Society of Illustrators
2006 Illustrators Hall of Fame Induction - New York Society of Illustrators
2016 Gold Award in Graphis Design Annual 2017 for Jack's journal - Read About Award

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